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International PSY - ACADEMY s. r. o.
Akademik Prof. MUDr. Alla Dmitrijevna Kulikova, CSc.
General Director

Čáslav, okres Kutná Hora
Czech Republic


+420 734 249 416 - language EN, FR, RU, CZ

KULIKOVA ALLA DMITRIEVNA - Full Member (Academician) of the European Academy of Natural Sciences, Russia.

She graduated from the Kiev Medical University of Taras Shevchenko. In 1983 she defended her thesis at the junction of the two occupations: experimental biochemistry and human health. Subject: The use of sea water for drinking in the closed systems of life / space experiment / and therapeutic purposes in spa.

Since 1970, she taught at the departments of the Medical Institute for 25 years, itinerant career of her husband (naval officer). In connection with moving the chairs to read a lot of medical disciplines: colloidal, organic chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, a course of higher nervous system, endocrinology course and a course of radiobiology, therapy, etc. In 1976 the family moved to Kiev. She was one of the co-founders and creators of the Association of folk healers of Russia and Ukraine /1990/.

Diploma: Training course of doctor neurologist, the Ministry of Health, the Institute of Advanced Training of Physicians 1989; Member of the International Academy of Preventive Sciences Nostradamus (France) in 2003; Diploma - the title of professor of folk medicine. Diploma - the academic title of Academician of traditional medicine (RNAN), 2006; Diplom – Academia Internazionale Economiche E Sociali, ROMA – D´ONORE 2007; Professor of Medicine, University of ASC "PRO DEO" (USA), 2009; University of F. Palacky, Olomouc, Czech Republic, 2004; Diploma "Naturopath EU» Germany, 2011, Diplom Europäischen Akademie der Naturwissenschaften - „Naturopat Europas“, Hannover, 2008; Diplom Ohne Grenzen Naturopathie (Naturopathy Without Borders) EU/Deutschland, 2010; Diplom Europäische Hochschule für Fort - und Weiterbildung in Medizin und Psychologie der Grad eines Doktor Honoris Causa (Ehrendoktor) der Medizin verliehen, Hannover, 2011.

Head and President of INTERNATIONAL PSY – Academy (IPA) of Czech Republic and Slovakia /1992/. The purpose of IPA: the highest form of perfection, the expansion of consciousness, realization of personal qualities, self-healing as a major factor of life support. Knowledge of the principles and mechanisms of rebirth. The Soul, its structures and functionality, transformation, immortality, longevity - long set of factors informative - energetic material. Peaceful co-existence of mankind in the field of extra-terrestrial Civilizations. Spiritual revival of the planet. Integration of religious knowledge - the basis of human evolution.

Evolution of higher intelligence. Expansion of consciousness at the level of the solar system, of the Galaxy, of the Cosmos. The study of the relationship of stellar structure with the function of solar system and other similar systems. The development of analytical thinking - the factor of the evolution of consciousness for a wide range of activation of human life and its prospects for improvement. Higher School of Excellence was established in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 2012, when it celebrated its 20 years.

Medical practice of a laboratory doctor, bio-therapist, healer, cosmos-energetic, psychoanalyst, parapsychologist, naturopath. A theologian, philosopher and poet. For many years, she worked as a lecturer of the society "Knowledge" and also like a consultant psychologist: she led the School of newlyweds, consulted by couple in conflicts. The range of interests: naturopathy, homeopathy, vibration therapy, psychosomatic medicine, astral-psychology. The organizer of five international congresses in the Czech Republic, with a participation of experts from 20 countries.

Activity: Active member of the International Academy of Preventive sciences named M. Nostradamus (France), 2003; Member of the Scientific Research Centre of Medical Biophysics (SRCMB), Bulgaria, 2005; Academy of innovative technologies and intellectual development, Chelyabinsk (Russia, Germany), 2006; MOO OANB Vice President - National Academy of Public Security (Russia), 2014; Member International Union of Family Organisations, World Conference – 03/1992 Poland, 11/1992 Brasilia, 10/1993 Egypt, 1994 Canada.

The co-founder of the International Professional Medical Association of Professionals in complementary and traditional medicine, psychologists and healers, RU, UA, BY, AZ, CZ, SK, 2008; Member of the World Association of 21st century Scientists, Belarus; Member of the Writers Union of Europe 2011; Member of the World Association of 21st century Scientists, Minsk 2006; Member of the IAU - Alternative Medicine of Europe, Czech Republic, 2014; Member of the Union of Writers in Russian language in the Czech Republic, 2012; The current member of the board ENIOM, 1991; Member of the Union of Europe Writers 2011; Member of the Moscow City Government, the Council of Entrepreneurs 2006-2008; the participation in Helsinki´s Europe Forum "Fifth space" - Russia summit - ES, 2006. Member of the association «Мета-Health“ USA, 2014.¨

For her work, she was awarded with orders, medals and diplomas. Orders: Winner of ENEA, Materials thesis, 1983; Order "The Star of the Master, 2000; "M. Nostradamus ", 2004;" RUSSIA PROFESSIONAL" in 2004, nominated for" Best of the Best", 2004; "Maria distinction sign” of 2nd degree, the nomination of "The Best Russian Women" in 2005; Order and the Star - "MASTER OF SCIENCE AND PRACTICE" of 1st degree, 2006; Cavalier of the Golden Order of 1st degree "For Service to society in the Health and Folk Medicine", 2007; Order of the Master of the "Star of Hope", Russia, 2006; Order of "GREAT CATHERINE 2nd “, 2008; Order "For the faith, diligence, and works" 2nd degree, Moscow, 2011; Order "For Faith and Loyalty" 2012; Order "Utility, honor and glory," OANB 2013; award for "outstanding achievements in the protection of health", Kazakhstan, 2014.

Medals (37): St. George, St. Prince Vladimir, M. Nostradamus, F., FT Paracelsus, F.A. Messmer, DE, "Maria Theresia", DE, R. Koch, DE, V. Bechterev, RU, N.I. Pirogov, UA, N.M. Amosov, RU, Jan Pavel, DE, N.V. Gogol, UA, F. Schiller DE, J.G. Galperin, RU, Marey, КZ, Jan Hus, CZ, "Spiritual East healer named Kurti" KZ; “20 years of Revival of traditional medicine", Russia, "Golden Hands”, RU, "Country Defender”, RU 2011 and others.

Diplomas: Honour diploma of Gold mark “ELITE” 2005, participation diploma of the 3rd International Congress Enio-philosophy, enio-psychology, Eniology, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Rudolf Steiner, Germany 2011. Diploma "Best Academy" - 1st International Professional Award of Rushan Simbatulin in esoteric and traditional medicine. Moscow, 2014. Diploma of „100 Best Healers“ – London.

She visited more than 70 countries to participate in international congresses, conferences, seminars, she was in public appearances in different countries, the expedition group, government delegations from the Ministry of Health or the work of the Russian embassy. For many years, she worked as a psychologist. Being author of over 100 scientific articles, the Master of the ancient tradition in contributing to the restoration of human health. Poet: she published two collections of poetry: "Ocean of Fire School," "Tops lyrics." She was included in the book: Encyclopaedia "Leading experts of traditional medicine, 2005; "100 best Russian healers of Red Cross», London, 2011; Encyclopaedia: "Experts, centres and restorative practices in Eastern Europe", 2012.


Master Bio-Practice 1 degree
Naturopat EU